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Working as a Main receptionist, after the first 2-3 weeks of training you would start on a receptionist role working:

(1) Week 1: 4 x 12 hour shifts each week (so 3 days off)
(2) Week 2: 3 x 12 hour shifts each week (so 4 days off)
That cycle would then repeats itself every 2 weeks.

Shifts are either day (7am-7pm) or night (7pm-7am).

Your duties as a Main Receptionist would include:
- Greeting guests and dealing with their queries
- Checking in guests
- Taking payments
- processing bookings
- actively managing prices as demand changes intra-day
- banking days takings
- providing management with timely feedback
- making recommendations for hostel and reception improvement
- working with colleagues to ensure rooms are correctly prioritised for cleaning staff
- Checking and correcting any room/bed availability errors
- During the night shift 2 hourly check of toilet paper and mopping of communal bathrooms

At the moment we would pay £350 per month after your training period; however if business improves post-COVID that sum would be increased. We would also provide accommodation in a staff dorm, use of laundry facilities (to wash and dry your clothes and bed linen), free breakfast and free dinner (which you'd help cook once per week!) and of course wifi. There is also free food available at other times to e.g. cook lunch/snacks. This includes basic foodstuffs such as bread, milk, pasta, rice etc If there's anything else you want ordered that you eat then as long as its reasonable and basic we'll buy it.


Agata Makuch

Saint James Backpackers

21 Longridge Road

London, SW5 9SB

United Kingdom

+44 7450 645 573