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Internships in Spain

We are pleased to share some exciting news for students! Animafest currently has 1,500 available positions for internships in our Hotels and Resorts, starting this year and even in 2024. They would like to provide students studying tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, business, administration, and languages with internship opportunities in Spain. Their service is without a charge.

Who are they?

Animafest Experience is a company dedicated to assisting students from around the world in finding internships in Spain, enabling them to gain valuable experience and create lasting memories

Internships in Tourism & Hospitality sector

  • kitchen
  • bar/restaurant
  • reception
  • animation
  • public relations
  • marketing
  • administration
  • human resources

Their internship opportunities span across various sectors within tourism and hospitality. Whether students are interested in animation, working in a bar or restaurant, honing their culinary skills in the kitchen, or gaining experience in reception services, there are different opportunities for you to choose from.

Moreover, if you are studying business, marketing, languages, or related fields, they have internship positions tailored to your interests. From public relations and marketing to administration and human resources, we aim to cater to a diverse range of student backgrounds.


Interested students should create an account website, where they can follow the instructions and upload their photo and CV. This will enable them to assist you in finding an internship placement.

After registration, students should contact the office for a short interview via WhatsApp.