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Internship in Spain - Central Perk Idiomas


I´m  Sophie from Central Park Languages Alicante (Spain).We are a thriving and dynamic language academy situated in Alicante; Spain.Currently, we teach several languages such as English, Italian, French and Spanish. We continually hire Erasmus students in order for them to become better equipped English teachers in their future careers.

We are aware that your university offers its students the possibility to take part in an Erasmus traineeship.In our language center, they will get the opportunity to teach different levels and a wide range of courses. Moreover, they will broaden their knowledge in English and improve in many aspects of their teaching.We are looking for new interns for the academic year 2022/23 and also for Summer 2023.The positions open are:- English Teacher- French TeacherI would like to ask you if it is possible to propose to your student our school.Thank you for considering our request.We look forward to your response,SincerelyCentral Park Languages, S.L.

Sophie Sporrie Customer CareTel. 965043052WApp 671142706