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Internship for sea turtle conservation and rescue in Greece

ARCHELON, a nonprofit conservation organization active since 1983, runs a number of volunteer projects
for the protection of sea turtles and their habitats in Greece every year. More than 500 international
volunteers per year participate in our projects, including about 30 field leaders. Every year we are entering
in internship agreements with 70 Universities and other educational establishments from all over the world.
With this letter we are providing information about our projects for 2023 and the volunteering/internship
opportunities available in order to help students prepare their applications.

Our projects for 2023
 Protecting sea turtle nesting activity in 7 locations
Locations: Zakynthos, the Peloponnese (Kyparissia – Lakonikos - Koroni) and Crete (Rethymno – Chania
– Messara).
Participation period: From May to mid-October. These sites together host about 50% of the nests of the
loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) in the whole Mediterranean.
Activities/tasks: monitoring of nesting activity, nest and hatchling protection, public awareness, fundraising,
living in a campsite and maintaining common living spaces with an international team of volunteers.
 Taking care of rescued sea turtles and other operations of ARCHELON’s Sea Turtle
Rescue Centre
Location: Glyfada, near Athens
Participation period: All year round. The Centre receives about 70 rescued sea turtles per year from all
over Greece, which are injured or sick. The turtles receive treatment and care and when they are fully
rehabilitated, they are released back into the sea
Activities/tasks: participation in the Rescue network, the sea turtle care and rehabilitation schedule, the
public awareness/fundraising schedule, the tanks/surgery/open space maintenance duties, the data
collection needs, living in shared rooms with a small team of volunteers.
 Monitoring sea turtles in the foraging area of Amvrakikos bay
Location: Amvrakikos bay, Kopraina
Participation period: From end-June to end-August (two fixed time periods).The shallow waters of
Amvrakikos bay provide a great opportunity for studying loggerheads and green turtles foraging in the area.
Activities/tasks: daily transects with the boat where turtles are captured, measured and released within a
few minutes, living in shared rooms and maintaining common spaces with a small team of volunteers.

Volunteering / Internship Opportunities for 2023
For 2023 projects we are offering opportunities for full time volunteers as well as field leaders.
Full time volunteers (pls. open the hyperlink for more info)
Full time volunteers receive induction upon arrival by their field leaders and they are consequently trained
on the spot. Their duties are well described, following international monitoring standards. The organization
of our projects has been evolving through the 37 years of experience in running them. Below are the
projects which are available for full time volunteers:
 Protecting sea turtle nesting activity in 7 locations
 Taking care of rescued sea turtles and other operations of the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre
 Monitoring sea turtles in the foraging area of Amvrakikos bay

Information on our projects and instructions on how to apply can be found on our website,

More in this brochure

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or proposals you may have: