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Staff week in Leiria, Portugal

Dear Colleague,

Since we are organizing an open Staff Week in February and an International Week in May, that occasion will be very good for your staff to visit us.

My suggestion for the open Staff Week, but you have also in the 3re week of May the International Week.


When Elon Musk announced Tesla to the world, it was undoubtedly a game changer in the electric car industry. But this grand achievement was more than just the realization of Musk's idea. It was the culmination of over six years of daily work by thousands of designers, scientists, engineers, and... yes, project managers! And with all the moving pieces required to launch his project, you can bet there was someone behind the scenes who was coordinating it all.

Project management may not sound as attractive as launching a beautiful and revolutionary car but it’s absolutely essential to carry an initiative through from start to finish line. With efficient - and effective - project coordination, everyone stays on schedule, and you speed your project successfully to the finish line.

In our Open Staff Week, we will coach you on honing essential project coordination skills, and we will share tips to master them. We will also look at the technology that can help you in this endeavour by coaching and guiding you with the tools that will help you in essential project organization skills: from scheduling meetings to organizing and tracking deliverables or monitoring project costs.

Our social program will include a visit to one startup's incubator where you will have the chance of meeting some of the teams and have a first look at how their creative projects are managed. We would like these field visits to focus on the execution of successful projects. We hope they can complement the theory and practice with which we would like to engage during our Open Staff Week. Because Leiria is a boiling pot of innovative projects where startups' innovative ideas are successfully taken from start to finish.

The application form is available here.

See you in sunny Leiria for our Open Staff Week!