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Psychophysiology Lab: Positive Gaming & Streaming (Lab assistant position)

Duration: 3-6 months (duration of the internship can vary between 3 and 6 months, based on the applicant’s preferences; the beginning of the internship is flexible)

Commitment: Full-time (hybrid model 3:1: on-site work in the lab (3/4) and remote work between studies (1/4).

Description: The intern will participate in laboratory research on gaming and video game streaming, focusing on the measurement of emotions, physiological responses, and expressive behaviour. Physiological signals cover peripheral physiology: electrocardiography, impedance cardiography, skin conductance, respiration, blood pressure, etc. Depending on the current project, this includes laboratory studies or field studies on mobile geolocation gaming.

Possible core responsibilities: You will participate in research projects, working under the supervision and guidance of senior researchers. Sample tasks include:

  • Physiological data analysis (processing data, e.g., visual inspection and manual correction of physiological signals, data reduction by running macros)
  • Behavioural data analysis (e.g., coding behaviours based on video recordings)
  • Assisting in lab work, including lab equipment maintenance, participant recruitment, and scheduling.
  • Collecting data from participants
  • Working on review papers and meta-analyses related to gaming (literature searches)
  • Depending on talent and interest, the assistant can contribute to other parts of research (writing, setting-up equipment, writing code for data analysis, etc.)

Requirements: We are looking for someone passionate about gaming psychology and experimental psychology to join and contribute to our team. An ideal candidate should present the following:

  • English (B2 level)
  • Good digital skills (Coding skills might be helpful but are not necessary)
  • Accuracy and thoroughness
  • Quick learner
  • Interest in video games and video game streaming


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