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Orientation day
Published on / opublikowano 19-02-2018

WHERE: Collegium Minus, Wieniawskiego Street 1, Poznań, room XVII (II floor)

WHEN: Monday 26.02.2018 at 08.30 am

Christmas Eve without borders
Published on / opublikowano 13-12-2017

For the second time the Schuman Institution is organising the 'Christmas Eve without borders' project. The project's main purpose is to organise the hosting of foreigners in Polish homes during Christmas Eve.
The aim is to create a new model for integrating people from abroad and to help them assimilate by enabling them to learn more about Poland's culture, traditions and  Christian faith.
Inviting international students to share the Christmas Eve celebrations is also an opportunity for Polish families to develop their knowledge of other cultures and create new relationships.
If you would like to be part of the project, please visit the following website:

Christmas meeting
Published on / opublikowano 11-12-2017

Dear Students,
On behalf of the Student Council of Adam Mickiewicz University and ESN UAM, we would like to invite you to a Christmas meeting organized for International Students at AMU.
The meeting will take place on December 13 (Wednesday) at 6:30 PM at the Faculty of History at Morasko Campus.

After the official part of the meeting, we invite you to taste some traditional Polish Christmas dishes.

See you there!

Orientation Days, October 2-4 2017
Published on / opublikowano 02-10-2017

Erasmus+ Festival of Film and Culture 2017
Published on / opublikowano 20-02-2017

30th anniversary of the Erasmus
Published on / opublikowano 16-01-2017

On 15th June 1987 the European Community decided to start the Erasmus program. Since 1998 under the Erasmus+ program 188,000 Polish students have travelled abroad to study at partner universities, while 94,000 students from other countries have come to Poland for their studies. In the period up to 2014 Warsaw University received a 3.4 million euro subsidy for the mobility projects and Adam Mickiewicz University a similarly high amount – 2.1 million euros. These statistics illustrate the huge success of the mobility projects and remind us that on 11th January 2017 we can inaugurate the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus program in Europe.

Saint Martin croissants - rogale świętomarcińskie
Published on / opublikowano 10-11-2016

Short history:
A local delicacy is the Saint Martin croissants - rogale świętomarcińskie,  a gorgeous iced croissant filled with nuts, poppy seeds and cream. The  history of these delicious croissants goes back to 1891 when the parish  priest of St. Martin appealed to his congregation to do something for  the poor on St. Martin’s Day on 11 November. The taste, smell and  appearance of the dish is taken so seriously that even today there is a  certification scheme which annually accredits confectioneries with  labels “Poznanski Tradycyjny Rogal Świętomarciński”. It is said that several tonnes are eaten on this day every year.

Bon Appetit!
Erasmus Team

Registration for AMU PIE courses
Published on / opublikowano 05-10-2016

Timetable 2016/2017
Published on / opublikowano 29-09-2016

Timetable for winter semester 2016/2017.

Inauguration Meeting
Published on / opublikowano 21-09-2016

Dear Students,
Inauguration Meeting for Erasmus Students (winter semester 2016/2017)
The countdown has begun: your Erasmus adventure at AMU is coming soon!
WHEN? 03.10.2016, 2:45 pm
WHERE? Main Hall Aula UAM by Collegium Minus (the main building of the University), 1 Wieniawskiego Street, Poznań

CALENDAR 2016-2017
Published on / opublikowano 28-06-2016

WINTER semester

4 October, 2016: classes start
1 November, 2016: national holiday - All Saints' Day
11 November, 2016: national holiday - Independence Day
22 December, 2016 - 2 January 2017: Winter Break
25 & 26 December and 1 January: national holidays
6 January, 2017: national holiday - Epiphany
1 February, 2017: classes end
2 February 2017 - 19 February 2017: examinations

SPRING semester

20 February, 2017: classes start
14-18 April 2017: Spring Break
1 May 2017: national holiday - Labour Day
2 May 2017: no classes
3 May 2017: national holiday - Constitution Day
10 May 2017: no classes - AMU Sports Day (but check with the School of the Polish language and Culture as there classes may be taught as usual!)
14 June 2017: classes end
16 - 30 June 2017: examinations

Euroasmus and friends cup 2016
Published on / opublikowano 10-05-2016

Dear Students,
Please check out this full of challenges and fun event which is organized by Poznan Town hall.
All the best,
Erasmus+ Office

Check Poznań cultural offer for May
Published on / opublikowano 04-05-2016

Dear Students,
please find enclosed Poznań cultural offer for May! Concerts, spectacles, exhibitions, festivals, conventions, events...
Hope you'll enjoy it! :) http://www.poznan.pl/mim/studia/en/news/check-poznan-cultural-offer-for-may,93779.html

Tour to Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, 26 - 29 May 2016
Published on / opublikowano 11-04-2016

Bike Trip, The National Park of Wielkopolska, 6 - 7 May 2016
Published on / opublikowano 05-04-2016

Join us for: Bike Trip
Date: 6-7 May 2016
Where: The National Park of Wielkopolska, Palace in Rogalin and Kórnik Castle http://www.wielkopolskipn.pl/index.php/park/change_lang/eng

afisz - cultural choice
Published on / opublikowano 31-03-2016

Admission and registration information
Published on / opublikowano 09-03-2016

Admission and registration information for international students was updated. New version is here.

Erasmus + summer semester Inauguration 22.02.2016
Published on / opublikowano 18-02-2016

WHERE: Collegium Minus, Wieniawskiego Street 1, Poznań, room XVII (II floor)

WHEN: Monday 22.02.2016 at 10.00 am

Sightseeing tour to Krakow, Zakopane and Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial (11th-15th November 2015)
Published on / opublikowano 20-10-2015

Dear Erasmus Students,
Join us for: the sightseeing tour to Krakow (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krak%C3%B3w), Zakopane (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zakopane) and Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial. (http://auschwitz.org/en/)
Date: 11-15 November 2015

Inauguration Meeting for Erasmus Students (winter semester 2015/2016)
Published on / opublikowano 30-09-2015

The countdown has begun: your Erasmus adventure at AMU is coming soon!
WHEN? 01.10.2015, 2:00 pm
WHERE? Main Hall Aula UAM by Collegium Minus (the main building of the University), 1 Wieniawskiego Street, Poznań

Intercultural Workshops for Students (17th - 18th march 2015)
Published on / opublikowano 09-03-2015

Dear Students,

Do you want to find out about your own intercultural sensitivity and competence, and identify barriers impeding contact at the crossroads of cultures?

Workshops on intercultural skills will help you to familiarize yourself with values and norms that are typical for various cultures, and also – on the basis of theories learned during the workshop – develop the ability to interpret them.

The Institute of Public Affairs invites students to free intercultural workshops, which will take place on 17-18 March  2015 at the Institute of Public Affairs (ul. Szpitalna 5/22) in Warsaw.

More information on the workshop is available on the website http://www.isp.org.pl/site.php?id=932&conf=417&lang=2&lang=1&lang=2