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Occupational Health and Work Psychology Lab (Lab assistant position)

The Occupational Health Laboratory within the Work and Organizational Psychology Department


The Occupational Health Laboratory within the Work and Organizational Psychology Department is a hub designed to explore and enhance the well-being, health, and performance of employees in the workplace. This laboratory conducts cutting-edge experiments utilizing a dual approach: online surveys for broad, scalable insights, and on-site equipment for in-depth, precise measurements. These methods allow for a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to employee psychological states and behaviors.

The purpose of this facility is to generate evidence-based guidelines aimed at improving employee well-being. By integrating the latest research techniques and psychological principles, the Occupational Health Laboratory serves as a vital resource for organizations looking to foster a healthier, more productive work environment.

Duration: 3-6 months (duration of the internship can vary between 3 and 6 months, based on the applicant’s preferences; the beginning of the internship is flexible)

Commitment: Full-time (hybrid model: on-site work in the lab and remote work between studies); we offer a hybrid internship model, allowing you to work remotely while also experiencing the hands-on environment of our on-site facilities. This flexibility ensures that you can contribute effectively from anywhere while also benefiting from direct engagement with our lab's activities. The internship duration is a minimum of three months, with positions available from December 2023 to June 2024.

Description: Join our team as an intern at the Occupational Health Laboratory and contribute to pioneering research on workplace well-being. In this role, you will assist in conducting research, collecting valuable data, and play a supportive role in our studies. Your responsibilities will include aiding in essential paperwork and documentation, ensuring the smooth operation of our advanced lab equipment, and engaging in the recruitment of study participants.

In addition to these practical tasks, you will bolster our presence in the digital world by supporting our social media channels, helping to communicate our mission and findings to a broader audience. This internship presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in research methodology, familiarize yourself with cutting-edge research-supporting applications, and gain in-depth knowledge of work and organizational psychology theories.

Possible core responsibilities:

· Carrying out research procedures and conducting experiments with human subjects according to the procedure provided,

· Maintaining lab equipment based on given standards and procedures,

· Recruiting participants on social media and other channels,

· Assisting in daily tasks.


·  strong proficiency in both written and spoken English (a must-have),

· proficiency in computer use and familiar with Microsoft Excel,

· will to learn and adapt to new tasks and challenges,

· interest in work and organizational psychology,

· curiosity about psychology research methodology and a desire to gain practical experience in the field.