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Over 80 participants from 8 countries! The legacy of UEFA EURO 2012 is still alive in Poznań!

The EUROASMUS AND FRIENDS CUP, inaugurated in 2012, will take place for the 10th time this year!

On Thursday, 12 October, at 9 a.m., on the football pitch of the POSiR Rataje Centre
(106A Piastowskie housing estate), the EUROASMUS AND FRIENDS CUP 2023 International Football Tournament will begin.

Who will be victorious in 2023?

Eight teams will participate in the tournament: Algeria, China, Canada, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Italy and Poland, consisting of 10 international students (studying in Poznań) representing their home countries. Teams shall represent specific countries (at least four players must be citizens of that country). Only 1 team can represent an exact country.

During the last edition, held in 2022, teams from Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Algeria, India, France, Spain, Portugal and Poland. After fierce battles, Algeria and Poland finally faced each other in the final. After a match lasting 2 x 8 minutes and scoring four goals, the red-and-white team could finally lift the cup for the best team, winning 4:0. The game for third place, which saw France and Portugal facing each other, turned out to be even more challenging. After a regular time, the scoreboard read 1:1, meaning a penalty shoot-out. In the final penalty shoot-out, France had the edge, scoring one more goal and eventually winning 1:1 (5:4).

We play together, we cheer together, we celebrate together!

The EUROASMUS AND FRIENDS CUP has been incredibly successful among the foreign academic community over the years. Organised for the first time in 2012 on the occasion of the European Championships held in Poznań, always attracts students from all over the world. The tournament also serves an additional purpose: it integrates students and promotes the city to the whole world

Organiser: The Greater Poland Ideas Studio

Partners and sponsors: City of Poznań, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poznań Medical University, Poznań University of Technology, ESN_UAM Poznań, Polish Football Association, KKS Lech Poznań, Cuba Libre, Organic Fitness Club

Contact: Maciej Młodzik, +48 510 866 354