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A Wrap-up of the first Erasmus "1st AMU Staff Week for Ukraine"

Representatives from as many as 26 Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions visited AMU!

During a week full of talks, exchanging experiences and information, the participants took part in a series of lectures dedicated to the functioning of programmes such as Erasmus+, Epicur Alliance and NAWA - Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. We discussed the opportunities offered in the context of further cooperation.
The highlight of the first AMU Staff Week was yesterday's round table, where we shared our expectations for further cooperation and laid the foundations for joint projects and summer schools for Ukrainian students.

The whole event ended with the awarding of certificates of participation.

We would like to thank all participants for their attendance.
It was an honour to host you at AMU!
Дякуємо Вам всім за приїзд, для нас було честю приймати Вас в Університеті Адама Міцкевича!
До зустрічі, Друзі! 🇺🇦🤝🇵🇱