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University of Granada - International Staff Training Week (6 -10 May 2019)
Published on / opublikowano 04-02-2019

Dear colleagues,
This year we are implementing again an activity regarding our role as host institution for International non-teaching higher education staff. Instead of welcoming our visitors individually throughout the year, we will organize a one-week training group.
We shall welcome non-teaching staff from our partner Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in the week of 6th-10th May 2019. A limit of three staff per institution has been established to guarantee participation of a more diverse range of HEI.
We are not only expecting from our visitors to come eager to learn from us but we are encouraging them to join us in the spirit of learning sharing and knowledge exchange. According to this spirit, during our International Staff Training Week we will enjoy a session along which visiting staff will make a short presentation about one aspect from their expertise which may contribute to the learning of international attendees from different HEI. In this way we do hope for the learning experience during the week to be enhanced.
Registration for EXCHANGE! will be open till 29th March 2019. Initially, we plan to welcome a maximum of 15 participants. Applicants will be selected on a first come, first served basis once they have submitted their full application form. Please contact us to receive the application form.
Another Staff Training Week, held by our Vicerrectorate for Internationalization, is taking place during the same days (6-10 May 2019). Here you can see the information about 2018/19 STW: sl.ugr.es/09RF
Should you have any query regarding the EXCHANGE! event, do not hesitate to contact us at oriccps@ugr.es.
Looking forward to welcoming you in Granada,
Best regards
Susana Fernández Alcázar
Internationalization Office
Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology
Rector López Argüeta, s/n
18071 Granada (Spain) Tlf.:+34958246322