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Open Staff Week 2018 - Polytechnic of Leiria (Portugal)
Published on / opublikowano 24-09-2018

Open Staff Week 2018
5-9 November
The European Commission is promoting various initiatives, all centered around a common goal: to increase digital skills and competences in the workforce. These initiatives cover several areas such as the enhancement and /or development of digital platforms for the recognition and validation of skills.
A new Skills Agenda for Europe, presenting a number of actions and initiatives with the ambition to tackle the digital skills’ deficit in Europe.
The Agenda has at ultimate goal to “trigger a change of mindsets in both individuals and organizations”. It is focused on three key work strands:
-          Improving the quality and relevance of skills formation
-          Making skills and qualifications more visible and comparable
-          Improving skills intelligence and information for better career choices

Link for registrations: link: https://www.ipleiria.pt/blog/open-staff-week-5-9-november-2018-registrations/

Given what is described above, we are proposing several workshops with the purpose of training participants in a number of strategic tools that can benefit their Higher Education Institutions.
1 - The ever-growing role of technology in our society.
Study the impact of search engines and their algorithms on the way we search for information on the web. Learn how social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram work and how to create and promote events online to boost your social media status and your online presence.
Buzzwords: SEO, Machine Learning, Social Media, Security, Privacy, Event registration
2- Yourself on the internet
Work your soft skills online. Understand how we can be ourselves through social media, to express feelings and communicate on the web.
Buzzwords: Soft Skills, Communication, Language, Education
3- Tell a story, everywhere you go
Use mobile tools to build powerful stories with pictures and videos. Take advantage of web apps to create compelling narratives.
Buzzwords: Mobile tools, Apps, Content, Social Media
4- A community that grows through knowledge
Understand the role of MOOCs in our society as a way to promote free and accessible learning to everyone.
Buzzwords: e-Learning, Accessibility, a11y, Open courses, Training
Participants max: 30
Deadline for payment – October 20
Early Bird Fees (until the end of September) – 160€
Payment includes all workshops and the Social Program.
Contact for Information: acecilia@ipleiria.pt