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International Week at Protestant University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt | 17.05. – 21.05.2021
Published on / opublikowano 23-12-2020

Creating spaces… inclusive societies and individual (in)visibility

We are pleased to announce the first International Week at Protestant University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt 
from May 17th to 21st 2021.
The conference will be organised as a hybrid event, allowing digital participation. In a highly globalised world, social problems are increasingly individualised and thus over¬looked in both social and political terms.
This conference aims at creating spaces and oppor¬tunities for societal groups to become VISIBLE, be HEARD, and PARTICIPATE in a democratic society.
Together, we want to take a variety of approaches and work on formats that allow us to experience an inclusive society in various dimensions – socially, politically, culturally, aesthetically and spiritually.
We invite everyone to join us in exploring these issues – students, staff, researchers, lecturers and practitioners
Let’s create spaces in inclusive societies.
More information will follow as the event draws closer.
Please feel free to forward this document to whom might be interested.

                            CREATING SPACES…
[  children  ] [  disabled people  ] [  elderly people  ] [  marginalised groups  ]  …
[  humanity  ] [  possibilities  ] [  opportunities  ] [  networking  ]

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