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International Staff Week - URV Tarragona, 8-12 May 2017
Published on / opublikowano 03-03-2017

We are happy to announce the International Staff Week on Best Practices in Comprehensive Internationalisation (8-12 May 2017).

URV is publishing for its 25th anniversary a publication on best practices in internationalisation and during the International Staff Week we will hear from the different authors of these articles: professors, administrative staff, managers… sharing with all participants their best practices. During the week, participants will also get to share one best practice from their home institution, thus enriching the experience of all those present.

As a highlight of the programme, we will all attend the keynote of the father of Comprehensive Internationalisation, Prof. John Hudzik, from Michigan State University, who will delight us with his knowledge on comprehensive internationalisation, what it means, why it is important and the critical steps to move forward.

In order to ensure a good mix of participants, there is a set maximum of two people per institution.

All the information about program, fee and activities is available following this link.

Please be aware that the registration period starts on March, 3 and finishes on March, 31 2017.

For further queries or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you in Tarragona very soon!