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International Staff Week Invitation Kocaeli University, 7-11 May 2018
Published on / opublikowano 05-02-2018

Kocaeli University invites European partners and institutions worldwide to the Erasmus+ International Staff Week 2018 that will take place from May 7th to 11th, 2018. With the help of this international week, our participants will be able to learn more about Kocaeli University, which has more than 80000 students, diverse programs, a great campus and a wonderful location (1 hour distance by bus to İstanbul). The aim of the event is to enable to form stronger relationships with our already existing international partners, creating a chance for networking and better cooperation for student and staff mobility.

Application is possible from now on until 13 April 2018. Final decision upon admission will be taken by 17 April 2018.

We expect to host a limited number of guests. In order to be able to have cultural diversity, the number of participants will be limited to 2 people per institution.  Prospective participants are kindly asked to fill out the Registration form below online. Accepted participants will receive a confirmation e-mail by 18 April 2018.

Please click to apply.

There is no registration fee required for our International Week. Participants are expected to cover travel, accommodation and individual expenses. Expenses of catering and social activities will be covered by our institution.

You can see the provisional weekly programme attached.

Kocaeli University will be happy to host you in Turkey in May!

Contact details:

Kocaeli University International Relations Unit:
Email: international@kocaeli.edu.tr
Phone: +90 262 3033842

International Week Programme