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First International Staff Week at UPO (23rd April - 27th April 2018)
Published on / opublikowano 05-03-2018

We are delighted to invite you to our First International Staff Week which will take place from Monday 23rd April to Friday 27th April 2018. We are excited to welcome you and share and exchange best practices with colleagues. We also offer an enjoyable social and cultural programme in Seville – an occasion not to be missed!

We will focus on International Relations and Cooperation field and Students Services at UPO.

You are also welcome to meet other members from offices, departments, faculties, etc. not included in the programme (prearranged by participants before their arrival).

The topics will be delivered in seminar style workshops by a member of staff from Pablo de Olavide University and we will ask participants to make a short presentation about their home university.

The programme is free of fees, including cultural and social activities in the programme.

Up to 20 participants will be accepted (no more than 2 people from the same home university).

If you have any questions regarding the programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application period: 1st March - 15th March 2018