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Erasmus International Staff Training Week - University of Malaga (11th - 15th May 2015)
Published on / opublikowano 20-03-2015

The University of Malaga organizes each year an Erasmus International Staff Training Week to welcome the staff of all our partner universities. Attached are the details of the Erasmus Staff Training Week that will be held in 2015. This information is also available from our website at: http://www.uma.es/relaciones-internacionales/info/43844/movilidad-erasmus-personal-recibidos/?set_language=en

If you are interested in joining us please fill in the Online Application Form clicking on this link until deadline March 27th: http://goo.gl/forms/TSTsYD5tEB

Please be as kind as to resend this information to any colleagues that would be interested in participating in our Erasmus Staff Training Week. Thank you.

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