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5th International Staff Week - the University of Osijek (9 - 15 June 2019)
Published on / opublikowano 20-02-2019

Dear colleagues and partners,


We are glad to have this opportunity to contact you withannouncement of our 5th International Staff Week that will be held from 09 - 15June 2019, at the University of Osijek, in Osijek, Croatia.

With this e-mail we would like to invite you and yourcolleagues to join us for this event, which would give us a chance to meet inperson and to discuss the aspects of our future cooperation.


Preliminary program and registration form are availableat: http://staffmobility.eu/staffweek/5th-international-staff-week-university 

The program organized during this week is preliminary andit can be tailored to cover specific topics of participants' interests,therefore, we remain at your disposal for all further information. 

We would be honored to have the opportunity of welcomingyou in Osijek!


With best regards,

Martina Suto, M.A.

Institutional Erasmus Coordinator

University of Osijek

International Relations Office

Trg Sv. Trojstva 3

HR-31000 Osijek, Croatia

tel: +385 31 224 171

e-mail: martina@unios.hr