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Teaching internship with free accredited TEFL Certification in Valencia, Barcelona, or Madrid
Published on / opublikowano 28-09-2016

Are you a native English speaker or do you have a good level in English and would like to become a qualified English teacher (accredited and advanced TEFL Certification)?

We offer to university students and Erasmus+:
• A 16-week to 9-month teaching programme
• Subsidised lodging for the entirety of the programme (no matter the length of the internship the partner school provides you with a stipend)
• An organically integrated theoretical course (a complete 140-hour online TEFL course, online mentoring, and onsite support from your Head Teacher and manager of the school)
• Work experience in a language school (up to 30 hours per week)
• As well as free Spanish classes (2 x 1to1 classes per week).

At the end of the TEFL internship and successful completion of your assignments (we are there to support you) you will receive your internationally recognised and accredited Advanced TEFL Certificate. With this official Advanced TEFL Certificate and the experience gained, you can work anywhere in the world as an English Teacher.

Our conditions:
• You must be a proficient user of English and a student.
• You do not need prior experience in teaching or languages.
• You need to be proactive and a team player.
• EU citizens only as we cannot assist you with arranging/sponsoring visas.
• No knowledge of Spanish is needed.

How it works:
• 6 hours per day in a language school (including teaching practice, study time and your Spanish classes, as well as your TEFL study and tests online).
• Free TEFL theory accessible through our online platform (Advanced TEFL Course of 140 hours) and further support by your Head Teacher and manager onsite (in the language school) and through your online TEFL mentor (from TEFL Trainer).
• All lesson plans and supporting material provided for the teaching internship.
• A stipend towards your accommodation fees throughout the entirety of the internship.

Starting dates:
• Several immediate start dates and other later dates in 2016
• Numerous start dates in 2017

All cities we operate in: Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.

N.B. There are no hidden costs: you need to cover your living expenses, travel expenses, and European insurance (medical and travel). The Certification is paid for by the school, and a stipend for accommodation fees is also provided.

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