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Published on / opublikowano 28-10-2016

Erasmus+ Funded Training Courses, November - December 2016, Limassol, Cyprus

Who's eligible?

Teachers, Adult Education Professionals and Higher Education Staff of organizations, schools and institutions that received the Erasmus+ staff training funding for the school years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

Check with your Erasmus+ Office or the Head Office if funds are available and come for a week of professional training in the sunny island of Cyprus.

Course provider?

ILC inspired Learning Centre in collaboration with Lifelong Learning Association in Cyprus.
At Inspired Learning Centre we believe that learning, whether professional or personal development is concerned, is natural ability of every individual and organization.
Learning should be a creative, exciting, joyful and inspired process which involves unfolding our potential as we step out of the box of current possibilities to the area of new opportunities.
Inspired Learning Centre (ILC) has developed a series of very practical personal development programmes that are delivered in supportive and inspiring atmosphere.

Participants registering for the courses taking place in November and December 2016 are entitled to the 20% Last Minute discount. We still have places available for the following:

  1. "Self Learning Strategies - a Guide to Becoming an Autonomous Learner of English"
    13 - 18/11/2016

The course is intended to guide the participants on how to make use of developing The Four Skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in everyday situations so that they will be able to improve their English themselves on a regular basis and become efficient autonomous learners of the English language. The participants will improve the language and communicative skills in order to express themselves more confidently in an educational working environment.

See the full training programme and apply here.

  1. "Intelligent Leadership - Use Enneagram to Bring out the Best in Yourself and Others"
    20 - 25/11/2016

Interpersonal diversity of talents, values, needs and challenges calls for flexibility in approaching learners and team members. Enneagram allows for understanding of different people including oneself. As a result of applying Enneagram teachers and leaders will enhance their ability to lead diverse teams and develop their potential as well as discover their own unique style and capitalize on their leadership strengths and work on their developmental areas. Leap advance in "people skills" and new approach to managing teams and institutions are inevitable effects of learning Enneagram!

See the full training programme and apply here.

  1. "Clarity of Mind for Extraordinary Results"
    04 - 09/12/2016

This course introduces innovative view on human potential, creating results, relating to one another and dealing with problems. It guides the participants to the source of their own wisdom, inspiration and creativity. Whereas nowadays life and culture is characterised by rush and "being busy", this course aims to offer insights into new possibilities that emerge when our mind settles, thinking slows down and we "make room" for "fresh" perceptions. This understanding has proven to have significant positive effect on the wellbeing and productivity of both teachers and students. The guiding motto of this course is "To see clearly means to live wisely".

See the full training programme and apply here.

Lead trainer:

Karolina Gladych is a psychologist, a trainer and a coach dedicated to assisting others in accessing more of their innate wisdom and wellbeing, tapping to their potential, using more of their latent talents and living with greater sense of freedom and possibility. She has extensive experience in training teachers, trainers, managers, administrative staff, local governments and parents. Karolina is also experienced in developing and coordinating international educational projects in the field of adult education. In 2012 Karolina discovered a ground-breaking approach called "3 Principles" which has profoundly transformed her life as well as the way she works with clients.

Training in the 2016-2017 school year.

Thanks to Erasmus+ Programme we are able to give you the opportunity to experience a professional teacher training course in the climate of Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the training!