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Internship Offers in the UK
Published on / opublikowano 04-01-2018

The European Student Placement Agency UK team is happy to announce that we have new internship opportunities for you in the Business, IT and Engineering fields!

The following links provide access to the full description (PDF file) of the vacancy, and please don't hesitate to share it with your friends if they wish to apply.

To apply for a vacancy please sign in into our website and then follow the simple instructions: https://www.espauk.com/students/student-application/


1) Market Research and Business Development Internship_German Speakers (SEMAG0301)
2) Marketing & Graphic Design Internship (CPRMG0301)
3) Marketing and Communication Internship (DYSMC0301)
4) Social Media & Marketing Internship for German Speakers (HANGM1412)
5) Digital Marketing Internship, German Speakers (BUBDM0301)


1) Software Engineering Internship_Validation and Verification (V&V) (PATVV0301)
2) Graphic Design Internship (ROLGD0301)
3) Software Engineering Internship (DROSE0301)
4) Software Development Internship_Platform Team (PATSDP0301)


1) Electrical Engineering Internship (PROEE0301)
2) Material Engineering Internship (TPTME0301)
3) Electronic Engineer Internship (TELEL0301)

Just to remind you, we don't charge any fee for students and accommodation (utility bills and internet access included) and commuter travel are provided to every ESPA intern for the entire length of their internship.
Please do not hesitate to visit our website or to contact us in case you need any more information.
If you already found an internship. Congratulations! And please do not hesitate to let us know so we can remove your contact details from our Internship Newsletter mailing list.

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