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Saint Martin croissants - rogale świętomarcińskie
Published on / opublikowano 10-11-2016

Short history:
A local delicacy is the Saint Martin croissants - rogale świętomarcińskie,  a gorgeous iced croissant filled with nuts, poppy seeds and cream. The  history of these delicious croissants goes back to 1891 when the parish  priest of St. Martin appealed to his congregation to do something for  the poor on St. Martin’s Day on 11 November. The taste, smell and  appearance of the dish is taken so seriously that even today there is a  certification scheme which annually accredits confectioneries with  labels “Poznanski Tradycyjny Rogal Świętomarciński”. It is said that several tonnes are eaten on this day every year.

Bon Appetit!
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